9 - 11 May 2017

Meet the Speakers


Herr Peter Anders
Herr Peter Anders
Certification Manager for Avionics
Airbus Gmbh
Miguel A. Marin
Miguel A. Marin
Acting Chief of the Operational Safety Section
Philippe  Plantin de Hugues
Philippe Plantin de Hugues
Special Adviser on International Affairs / Senior Safety Investigator
Henk Hof
Henk Hof
Head of the ICAO and Concept Unit and chairman of the ICAO GADSS Advisory Group
Alain Bouhet
Alain Bouhet
Aviation Engineering Expert
Claude Pichavant
Claude Pichavant
Senior Expert Communications & Surveillance
AIRBUS Operations S.A.S
Alan  Schuster Bruce
Alan Schuster Bruce
Manager, Aeronautical Product Engineering
Jeffrey  Rex
Jeffrey Rex
Director Business Development
Panasonic Avionics Corporation
Adrian Burrows
Adrian Burrows
Senior Inspector of Air Accidents (Flight Recorders)
Air Accidents Investigation Branch, UK
Michael Lüttel
Michael Lüttel
Head of Requirements and Future Systems
Deutsche Flugsicherung
Dany  St Pierre
Dany St Pierre
Principal Technical Officer
Cospas-Sarsat Programme
Luc  Lallouette
Luc Lallouette
Director of SESAR Program
Thales Air Systems
Timothy  A. Murphy
Timothy A. Murphy
Senior Technical Fellow
Boeing Commercial Airplane group
Rob  Luijnenburg
Rob Luijnenburg
Director Corporate Strategy and Communication
Fugro NV
Yuri  Maslov
Yuri Maslov
Principle Program Manager
Rockwell Collins IMS
Stephen  Hough
Stephen Hough
Head of Safety
SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Max  Tribolet
Max Tribolet
Business Development Manager
Giancarlo Buono
Giancarlo Buono
Director Safety and Flight Operations for Europe
Lisa Mazzuca
Lisa Mazzuca
NASA Search and Rescue Mission Manager
Andrew  Dawson
Andrew Dawson
Group Sales & Marketing Manager
Techtest Limited
Declan  Fitzpatrick
Declan Fitzpatrick
Manager Safety Regulation Strategy and Policy
Irish Aviation Authority
Sean  Patrick
Sean Patrick
General Manager En-route & NAC
Irish Aviation Authority
David Perez
David Perez
Vice President Sales & Marketing
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd